The Most Influential Women in the Tech Industry

The Most Influential Women in the Tech Industry

The Most Influential Women in the Tech Industry

Unfortunately, women are still a minority in the tech area. If to analyze the staff of an average IT company, 80 % of employees are men. However, 2018 showed that female tech leaders gradually change this area. The primary aim of this review is to guide you through the list of the most puissant women working in the IT area. It is high time to make yourself familiar with the most high-powered women of the 21st century. All of them are engaged in the tech industry.

1.Sheryl Sandberg

This incredible lady occupies the first place in our list. She is COO on Facebook. She started working for this company in June 2008. In 2012, she became a member of the board of directors. She was the first woman in the history to serve on the company’s board. Besides, she is also included in the list of 100 Most Influential People, published by Times. Before she started working for Facebook, Sheryl worked for Google.

She also wrote books where she covered the topics of feminism and sexism. Her books helped hundreds of women build a good career. Now it is included in the list of bestsellers.

She has stock holdings in Facebook and some other well-known companies too. Her revenue is more than $1 billion.

   2. Ginni Rometty

She is a well-known American business executive. Now, she is 61, but she still remains the current president of IBM. Besides, if to have a look at all the former presidents, she is the first woman who heads this company. Firstly, she came to IBM in 1981 and worked as a systems engineer. When she became CEO of this company, she focused on the development of such areas as cloud computing and cognitive computing systems.

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Ginni is included in the list of Top 20 Most Influential People in Tech. Her main goal is to make this world better. In her speech in Brussels, she pushed for more regulation on each article published online.

3. Susan Wojcicki

Seems like every user of Youtube knows who she is. Susan Wojcicki is CEO of Youtube. Now, a few words about her way to success. She graduated from Harvard University in 1990 where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in history. After that, she became interested in technology and did her best to start working for Google. She achieved that goal, and, in 1999, she joined this company as a marketing manager. Susan was a goal-oriented employee, and later, she became a senior vice president.

Firstly, YouTube was just a small startup when she offered Google to acquire this company. That was a very profitable investment, and, in 2014, she became CEO of YouTube. Today, this is a well-known platform for downloading different videos or making video chats with users.

Besides, this woman is greatly concerned about family values and constantly covers the topic of balancing between family and career on different seminars. She has five children and knows what she is talking about.

4. Ursula Burns

She is not only one of the most powerful women of the 20th century. Ursula became the first Afro-American woman who headed one of the best world companies. Since 1980, she is CEO of Xerox. However, this achievement is not the only one. In 2010, Obama asked her to be a Vice President of the Export Council. Besides, if to have a look at the rating of Forbes, she occupies the 22nd place in the list of the most influential women of 2014.

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5. Amy Hood

This list won’t be full until we mention one more leading company and its CEO. Amy Hood is the Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft. She was appointed in 2013, and still, she holds the same position. This woman holds a degree in economics from two prestigious universities: Harvard and Duke.

Before she started building a career at Microsoft, Hood was working for Goldman Sachs. She was engaged in the area of banking investment. Now, she is a well-known lady in the technology field.

6. Jessica Naziri

Keep in mind that this woman managed to leave her mark in the area of technology. Today, she is a well-known technology expert and content strategist. She is the founder of TechSesh, a powerful web platform providing the most current gadget reviews and useful tech tips. Her experience in the area of technology is in demand among young start-ups and IT companies. Besides, she has millions of followers looking forward to her new posts.

The main distinctive feature of this woman is that she founded one of the biggest online web platforms covering the technology topics

7. Gail Carmichael

This woman is a popular professional computer scientist and educator. Today, she is a team leader of the Shopify External Education Department. Her key responsibility is to develop different thematic courses in computer science and computational thinking. She adores computer science and shares useful tips in her blog.

8. Meg Whitman

Though her way to success was very long and complicated, the story of this woman is definitely worth attention. Today, she works as a senior manager for different companies. However, she is well-known as the President of HP Enterprise. She is also a prominent political activist. Meg Whitman supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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She studied at Harvard Business School and Princeton University. She served as a senior manager in different companies like Procter & Gamble, the Walt Disney Company, and Hasbro. Therefore, she is regarded to be as an experienced specialist able to lead thousands of people.

In current times, women serving as Chief executives are a dime a dozen. If to take a look at this list, you’ll see that the tech industry can’t even do without female leaders. Besides, the prosperous development of some companies became possible only thanks to these women. Though the technological area is still regarded to be a male-dominant field, we can conclude that it can’t do without women.

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